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We are a devoted group of exceptionally skilled woodworkers who burn the midnight oil creating customized, high quality furniture from domestic and exotic woods. We are passionate about every piece we create from the smallest end table to the largest wall unit and since each and every creation is uniquely designed to fit the motif of your space, we have the flexibility to solve even the most challenging design issues that may confront you during your furnishing.

Historically, we have built our reputation virally – strictly by word of mouth from one satisfied customer to another. Toss in some favours for friends and family and the idea of Sawdusters as a commercial enterprise was born.

What you see on the pages within this site are some of the custom pieces of furniture we have created for our customers. The gallery will demonstrate our skill, creativity and devotion to quality but in reality we are not a store and we do not sell inventory. What we do sell is custom high quality creations from wood.

When you deal with Sawdusters the possibilities of design are limited only by your imagination. Show us an idea or a physical space and let us see if we can help you solve your problem and create something truly special that will last you a lifetime.

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